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Here at 4dwebdesign we don't believe that you have to spend alot to get your business on the web. Most people think that to get a business on the web, it will cost you $300 for your and then fifty dollars a month for a place to store your files. We have come to find out that this is wrong. Although we can set you up with a page like that, we believe that a web page can be almost completly free. There is the programmer's fee which can be anywhere from a $100 on up. A cover page with a company "about us" page is the most popular and cheapest of all our pages. From there you can have catalogs or multiple pages to be updated which raises your cost. As for file space, if you as the owner of your business have a personal account for your house or business, they usually include server space, which is something we can check on for you. If not they will give you a low level domain for very cheap or we can work on alternative options for you. Then you take your long URL and redirect it using one of the services on the left of this page. We do all the setting up of these services for free.